Turbines & generators

AIM Power Service GmbH is your partner for giving competent advice and providing efficient solutions. We have the expertise that is required for inspecting the low-pressure turbines, medium-pressure turbines, high-pressure steam turbines and gas-fired turbines that are made by all of the popular manufacturers. We undertake the maintenance, servicing, modernizing and repair. Safety and quality have the highest priority while doing so. We would like to be a fair partner for our customers on the basis of long-term cooperation. We offer the complete package of rapid and sustainable service, ranging from the initial inspection to the final inspection.

Turbo-charged machines
Steam turbines
Industrial turbines
Gas-fired turbines
Ancillary systems like condensers, re-cooling systems, etc.

Alternating-current generators
Direct-current generators
Three-phase generators
High-frequency generators
High-voltage generators, etc.

Review of our field of activity

  • Overhauling and repairing components for gas-fired turbines, burners and pipelines.
  • Exchanging the blades on turbines and compressors.
  • Quality-assurance for inspections and making inspections.
  • Main inspection.
  • Servicing of generators.