Pumps are responsible for the smooth operating sequence of processes in production and transport for many industrial plants or energy-generating plants. They are the driving force of every liquid circuit. Pumps can only function fully efficiently if they are well maintained. AIM Power Service GmbH offers to inspect the pumps for every conducted medium. We will take all of the steps that are required for the repair. Experienced fitters undertake the maintenance and repair on the spot. We offer this service solely in the area of transferring employees.

Review of the individual types of pump:

Recirculating pumps:
Feed water pumps, vertical recirculating pumps, horizontal recirculating pumps, high-pressure pumps, submersible pumps, heating pumps, submersible motorized pumps, etc.

Special-purpose pumps:
Rotary piston pumps, chemical pumps, hydraulic pumps and pneumatic pumps.

Review of our fields of activity

  • Assembling and dismantling pumps and aggregates.
  • Maintaining and servicing all types of pumps.
  • Connecting pipe systems according to various processes, e.g., screwing.
  • Repairing and overhauling check valves, sliders, ball valves and safety drain valves.
  • Making spare parts and accessories.
  • Checking that the plants and systems are leakproof and in working order.

We round off our range of services with the services that have genuine added value. We offer an emergency service around the clock and throughout the year. We can also organize hired pumps in order to ensure that your production is ready and that you are able to deliver.