AIM Power Service GmbH works within the framework of your activities in the most diverse branches of industry among other things, as well as with the subject of condensers and compressors. Our specialized employees offer you a complete service for ensuring that your condenser system or compressor system will run as smoothly as possible without malfunctioning. The AIM team’s declared aim is to increase the operational safety, which enables the customer to make significant savings in operating the system or plant. The prerequisites are consistently monitoring the condition of the system’s components and applying the expertise, combined with professional servicing, in order to minimize breakdowns. Our technicians can optionally do the work in the customer’s workshop or in the workshop of AIM Power Service GmbH. AIM’s workshop is ideally equipped for doing the maintenance, repair and test. Our employees are familiar with all of the popular types of condensers and compressors which are used in the various branches of industry. The following equipment is included in them.

  • Piston compressors
  • Worm compressors
  • Peripheral compressors
  • Large compressors

Review of our field of activity

  • Regular checking of mechanics and electrics.
  • Checking the spaces in which the equipment is installed, in order to ascertain whether there is optimum ventilation.
  • Establishing the energy-efficiency and optimizing the suitable measuring and controlling technology.
  • Optimizing the systems.